Your Community Health Center

October 5, 2021

Community health centers provide accessible healthcare to everyone in our community. More than just a healthcare provider, we are part of the Greater Roslindale, Hyde Park and Roxbury community.  

What does this mean to our patients?

  • We provide vaccine distribution and administration, community outreach and education, social services, and food drives.
  • We are a pillar in the community for residents of Roslindale, Hyde Park and Roxbury.
  • Our diverse patient panel matches our diverse physicians and clinicians who care for them.
  • We promote personalized, proactive/preventative care and patient-centered care which include screenings, patient education, and outreach when patient medical care or treatment is due.
  • We provide underserved populations in the surrounding community with affordable, equitable and accessible quality care.
  • We are a one-stop-shop for primary family medicine, which includes family medicine, pediatric medicine, nurse visits, behavioral health visits, and have a staff that includes phlebotomists, dental staff and a community health provider.

We are vital in helping community patients, local business, residents and service providers throughout the pandemic to have accessible COVID-19 testing and vaccination.