Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Vaccines

See our COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs for more information.

Medical Questions

What is a primary care physician and why do I need one?

Your primary care physician (PCP) is your partner for health and navigation through the health care system. This person specializes in preventative care, treating common conditions and can help determine if you need more evaluation in a specialty clinic. This person will educate, advise, and guide you through all of your health care needs. Your PCP can be a doctor or a nurse practitioner who focuses on primary care. Having a PCP is important because he or she will know you as a person, your health conditions, and help guide you in bettering your health.

Does GRMDC provide a shuttle service from GRMDC to BMC for specialty services once I am referred?

Yes, we provide this courtesy service for our patients being referred to BMC for specialty services. Please inquire with our patient services representatives to schedule your ride.

Can I walk into GRMDC and complete an application for MassHealth if I am not a patient?

Yes, we will process an application for non-patients on a walk-in basis.

Can I get an x-ray at Greater Roslindale Medical and Dental Center?

GRMDC does not offer x-rays in house. All imaging will be done by referral at BMC Radiology. For an appointment, please call 617-414-4969.

Can I make an appointment for a pregnancy test?

Yes, you can make an appointment for a nurse visit for a urine HCG test. This is usually done if you have missed a last menses (period)

Can I just drop of my urine if I think I have a urinary tract infection (UTI)?

Please schedule a visit with the nurse and we will assess your symptoms and collect a urine sample. If it is positive, we will have the Doctor of the day send a prescription for antibiotics to your pharmacy.

Can I come into the clinic for sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing?

Yes, you can be seen by a nurse and we talk with you about your risk.

Can I get a copy of my physical today?

If the physical is up to date in the chart and electronically signed, nursing can print this out. If the physical is not up to date, we ask that you make an appointment for a complete physical exam.

Can I come into the clinic for a blood pressure (BP) check?

Yes, you can make a nurse visit for a blood pressure (BP) check

What are your hours of operation?

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday 8:30 am – 8:00 pm
Thursday & Friday 8:30 – 5:00 pm
Saturday – Closed
Sunday – Closed

On days and times when the clinic is closed, we have an answering service who pages the physician on call.

Where are you located?

4199 Washington St, Suite 100 Roslindale, MA For directions via car or public transit visit here.

Do you provide parking?

Yes, we have a 2-hour public parking lot directly in front of the Center and there is plenty of street parking surrounding the Center.

Referral Questions

How do I get a referral from my provider?

You can obtain a referral when your primary care doctor or you feel that you need to see a specialist provider. Typically, but not always, you need to see your primary care doctor so he or she can assess you and then provide the referral. Your first step should be to call us and tell the patient services representative need a referral. You will be asked to leave a message with a call back number and what type of referral you are requesting. A representative will call you back and talk to you about next steps. Please know, that referral processing can take up to 10 business days, potentially longer if there is a prior authorization required.

We are affiliated with Boston Medical Center in Boston, MA. If you have a different referral site preference, please make sure with your insurance that you can be seen at your preferred site before you request a referral.

If you have questions regarding an existing referral, please call the Referrals Department at 617-323-4440, Option 6.

Prescription Questions

How do I refill a prescription?

You may request a prescription refill via MyChart, by calling the health center and leaving a message on the prescription refill voicemail line, or by asking your pharmacy to request refills from your health care provider. The prescription refill line is 617-323-4440, Option 4.

Do I need to meet with my primary care physician to receive a prescription?

Yes. During your appointment, your provider will evaluate your condition and make a decision about whether or not a prescription is necessary.

How long will it take for my prescription to be refilled?

Prescriptions refills are generally processed within 24-48 hours of your call.

Can I have my prescription changed?

To have your prescription changed, please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider.

What information do I need to provide when calling to request a refill?

You will need to provide your name, date of birth, the name of the medication to be refilled, and the pharmacy where you would like the prescription refilled.

Billing Questions

Why did I receive a bill from Greater Roslindale Medical and Dental Center?

There are several reasons you receive bills. Here are some:

  • You don’t have health insurance.
  • The service you received is not covered by your insurance.
  • You have a co-payment, co-insurance, or deductible that you did not pay at your visit.
  • You did not get a required referral from your doctor.
  • You received care outside your provider network.
  • You used up your insurance benefits (some health insurance companies limit coverage).

I have Health Safety Net (HSN). Why am I getting a bill?

If you have HSN, (also called Free Care), we bill you if:

  • You have an HSN deductible. We will reduce bills for patients on Partial HSN by 80%.
  • You have private insurance and HSN, but did not pay your private insurance co-payment at your visit (HSN does not cover private insurance co-payments).
  • You saw a doctor who does not accept HSN.

When will I receive a bill?

Typically bills are sent to patients after insurance claims have been processed, which could mean you will receive a bill 30-60 days after your appointment. Patients without insurance receive bills more quickly. Once a bill is received, patients are given 25 days to pay bills in full; the due date will be noted on your bill.

How can I pay my bill?

We are pleased to offer the following payment options:

Greater Roslindale Medical and Dental Center or GRMDC
4199 Washington St., Ste 1
Roslindale, MA 02131-1733

  • We accept credit card payment information over the phone. Call 617-323-4440 and press 7 to pay your bill by phone.
  • You can mail a check or money to the following address:

What if I cannot pay my entire bill?

We would be happy to set up a payment plan with you. Please call us at 617-323-4440 and press 7 to speak with a billing representative.

Insurance Questions

What if I do not have insurance?

If you live in Massachusetts, you may be able to get health insurance or help paying your health care bills through a state program like MassHealth, the Health Connector, or Health Safety Net. GRMDC has Certified Application Counselors on staff who can assist you with this process. Please call 617-323-4440 and press 3 to make an appointment with one of our counselors.

Can you make an appointment to complete an application for MassHealth?

Yes. You can call the health center and ask to schedule an appointment with Insurance Services.

How long does it take to receive an approval once you apply for MassHealth?

It can take up to 60 days or less.

Why didn’t my insurance pay for my services?

Your insurance carrier will forward an explanation of benefits (EOB) for your review; the form explains the payment or denial reason for the services rendered.

What if my insurance information or address has changed?

Please contact our Billing Office at 617-323-4440 and press 7. The team will be happy to update your insurance information and/or your address.

If I updated my insurance information, do I have to call my insurance company to pay my bill?

If you updated your insurance information with Roslindale Billing, we will re-submit your bill to your updated insurance company to request payment.

Do I have to submit my bill to my secondary insurance?

If we have all of your insurance information, we will bill your secondary insurance on your behalf.

Why am I being charged a co-payment for services during my annual checkup?

My insurance plan doesn’t require a co-payment for annual visits. When you are scheduled for your yearly physical there is no co-payment, however, if the provider addresses additional health issues that you may have, an additional visit code might be billed, and your insurance may apply a co-payment to this part of the visit. The office staff does not know at the time of check-in what services will be provided during your actual visit, as this is between you and your provider. Therefore, if there is a co-payment you will be billed. If you have any questions regarding a bill of this type please contact your insurance company for further details, as it is the insurance companies' discretion as to what is applied as patient responsibility, such as a co-payment.

What insurances do you accept?

We accept all major commercial plans, Mass Health, BMC Community Alliance, and Senior Care Option plans. Dental insurance listed here. To verify if we accept your plan please call 617-323-4440.