Administrative Team

Courtney Urick: Executive Director

Courtney Urick,
Executive Director

Jennifer Trieu, MD: Medical Director

Jennifer Trieu, MD
Medical Director



Linda Munger: Operations Manager

Linda Munger,
Operations Manager

Kesha Carter: Director of Nursing

Kesha Carter,
Director of Nursing

Lysa Thompson: Billing Manager

Lysa Thompson,
Billing Manager

Arielle Albert: Administrative Manager

Arielle Albert,
Administrative Manager

Rob White: Team Lead

Rob White,
Team Lead

Alkida Kasapi: Population Health Manager

Alkida Kasapi,
Population Health Manager

Maylis Castillo: Operations Supervisor

Maylis Castillo, 
Operations Supervisor

Rahul Swami: Manager, EHR & Data Analytics

Rahul Swami,
Manager, EHR & Data Analytics