Board Participation: Frequently Asked Questions

The Board meets approximately 10-12 times a year. Board meetings typically last 1 -1 ½ hours each. Elected directors serve for two years.

As GRMDC is a diverse center, we welcome people of all backgrounds and skills. Board seats are separated into three categories: provider, consumer and and at-large.

Provider seats are for those directly involved in the health care field, but are not individuals who provide care at GRMDC. Examples of providers include dietitians, home health aides, pharmacists, nurses, social workers.

Consumer seats are for those who live in Roslindale, West Roxbury or Hyde Park and either use the health center or are concerned with making sure it stays a healthy and vital part or our community.

At-large seats are for those who do not live in the above listed areas but wish to serve this community.

The most important skill is the willingness to care, participate, and be involved in what happens with the health center.

If you have been a general member for three months, have paid your $5 membership dues and live in either Roslindale, West Roxbury or Hyde Park, you are eligible for election. At-large candidates are not required to reside in the service area.

Download this application for nomination. All applications will be gathered by the Election Committee and sorted by geographic area. (Roslindale, West Roxbury or Hyde Park). The Election Committee will determine if each applicant is eligible, and if they are their name will be placed on the ballot. Anyone ruled ineligible will be notified by the Election Committee.

Prior to the election, a letter will be sent to all members listing the names of all those who wish to run for the Board.

Ballots will be handed out at the annual meeting with the nominees names listed under each geographic area. Each geographic area has a number of Board seats assigned to it depending on the number of users form each area. The members will vote; ballots will be collected, and the results announced that night.

Should this happen, you must notify the Election Committee, in writing, that you request a meeting. This must be done within five (5) days of your being notified of your in-eligibility. The Election Committee must meet with you to discuss their reasoning.

Only those candidates who have been ruled eligible by the Election Committee members prior to the annual meeting may be elected.

We hope we have answered all the questions about the election. If you have other questions please call the Executive Director, Courtney Urick at 617-363-1200.

This is our Health Center. If we want it to serve our needs, we need to serve. Please consider participating with us.