We Offer Full Spectrum Approach to Care

October 5, 2021

The Greater Roslindale Health and Dental Center offers a full spectrum approach to health care which means we focus on the whole person and the whole family.

From pregnancy throughout life, whether it’s a milestone moment or the everyday visit, we treat our patients for all aspects of their health. As well as family medicine practitioners, we offer specialists such as pediatricians and gynecologists.

By approaching healthcare this way, our practitioners to get to form long term relationships with our patients. GRMDC provides a variety of specialties in one place and our physicians, nurses and medical care team work holistically to care for patients and their families.

The body is a complex machine. We understand the effects one part of the body can have on others. Physical ailments can greatly affect one’s mental health and vice versa. Holistic medicine ensures that our clinicians are focusing on patients’ health on a larger scale. 

“Having specialty providers at GRMDC allows us to meet the needs of every patient. Our team collaborates to provide recommendations and treatments supported by best-practices to ultimately achieve the best health outcomes for every patient” – Dr. Brenda Levy, MD, Pediatrics.  


*Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash