Visit your Provider via TeleHealth

Visit your Provider via TeleHealth
December 1, 2020

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a convenient and easy way to have a scheduled check-in visit with your provider via video or phone.

What if I want to be seen in person for my visit?

During the pandemic, we take your safety seriously and we are limiting who we are seeing for in-person face to face visits.  We want to do as much as we can for you by Telehealth visits. If you have a concern that is best suited to an in person face to face visit, we will let you know. 

What types of visits can I do with my Provider by Telehealth?

There are so many types of visits we can do by telehealth! We can do management of your stable medical problems like diabetes, hypertension (if you have a way to measure your blood pressure at home), depression, and anxiety to name a few.  Even rashes are able to be done over video telehealth.  “Physical exams” or “annual wellness exams” can be done by telehealth if you are not due for a pap smear.  

How do I prepare for my Telehealth appointment?

Plan to be in a private location, or able to move to one easily. You need to be able to discuss your health freely as you would if you were in our office. We do not recommend doing your telehealth visit and working or driving at the same time. 

If the visit is for a child or other family member, they should be with you. Have your phone ready. Make sure you have enough battery. We also recommend WiFi access. If you want to use Zoom, make sure it is downloaded on your device. 

What can I expect during my Telehealth appointment from my care team?

First, before the visit a Medical Assistant will call to inquire about the topics you’d like to discuss, and to ask some screening questions if needed.  They will confirm with you that you are ready for a video visit, and the way you want to receive the video link. Options include:

  • Doximity link texted/SMS to you (no need to download any app) 
  • Zoom link emailed to you (must have Zoom downloaded)
  • Zoom link texted to you (must have Zoom downloaded)

At the time of your appointment, your Provider will call you, and/or send a message (via text message or email, per your preference). You click on the link to join the private video communication. You may need to give the app permission to use the camera/microphone, and make sure no other applications are using them at the same time.

Example of Zoom: The link you will receive. 

telehealth Zoom

Example of Doximity: The text you will receive and what the video call will look like. 

Telehealth Doximity     Iphone telehealth doctor


What if I don’t want to be on video?

We will respect your wishes, but in general we highly recommend video visits. Doctors can tell a lot about a person by looking at them, and we want you to have the most thorough visit possible. We find the best communication happens when we can see each other. 

What if I need labs, immunizations after my visit?

After speaking with your provider, if they recommend any labs or immunizations, we will schedule a separate, shorter visit to the clinic afterward to do so.

What if I miss the calls?
Your provider will try multiple times to reach you. If you miss a call, wait for the next one. We do not recommend calling back immediately after a missed call.  If your appointment time has passed and we’ve missed connecting with you, we will help you reschedule your appointment. 

What if my Provider hasn’t called by my appointment time? 

Just like in-person visits, sometimes we run late with Telehealth visits. Please be patient and wait up to an hour after your scheduled visit.

How does a Telehealth visit get billed to me? Is there a Copay? 

A lot of insurance carriers (Aetna, BCBS, United Healthcare, Cigna, BMC Healthnet plan and others) offer some sort of coverage for telehealth visits. However, you should always call your insurance and verify what your individual policy covers. Copays are what is shown on the insurance card. You would need to contact your plan if you are not sure what the limits are for telehealth visits.