The Pediatrics Team at Greater Roslindale Medical and Dental Center is growing!

The Pediatrics Team at Greater Roslindale Medical and Dental Center is growing!
September 17, 2019

Dr. Gilman

Natalie Gilman, MD joins Paul Ahn, MD and Janet Protiva, MD to provide comprehensive care to your children from the time they are newborns until their 22nd birthday.

Dr. Gilman joins GRMDC from The Center for Children and Women in Houston, Texas. Dr. Gilman is a board-certified pediatrician who “chose to practice pediatrics for the amazing relationships we develop with our patients and families as they grow. I believe in working together with families to optimize their physical and mental health in childhood, so they can grow into healthy happy adults.”

In her free time, you can find Dr. Gilman in the kitchen or trying new restaurants. You may also find her with her husband at a sporting event – anything from baseball games to track meets. Dr. Gilman is excited to be here and “looking forward to growing my practice here in the Boston area”.


Dr. Ahn

Dr. Ahn is a board certified pediatrician and has practiced at GRMDC since 2007. Dr. Ahn is the father of two young boys and is “going through this wonderful and crazy journey of parenting alongside the rest of my families. From the relentless winter viruses, to restless sleepers, to picky eaters, to tantrums and many other challenges of life, my children are teaching me to be a better pediatrician every year.”

One of the reasons I am passionate about working at a health center is that I enjoy developing these special relationships with families. Working at our health center, I have met so many different cultures, different families, and different walks of life. The common thread that binds us together as parents is our love for our children, and the desire for our kids to be loved and to have opportunities in life to thrive.” – Dr. Ahn


Dr. Protiva

Dr. Protiva is a board certified pediatrician and has practiced at GRMDC since 2000. In her 20 years of practice at Roslindale, Dr. Protiva has built a beloved following. When she’s not at the health center, Dr. Protiva enjoys going to art exhibits and music festivals. She loves to travel and visit friends and family. 

Greater Roslindale’s pediatric team is comprised of pediatricians, nurse practitioners, nurses and medical assistants. The entire team is dedicated to providing complete primary care to children from birth through their 22nd birthday. This comprehensive care includes routine physicals, same-day visits for urgent health matters and follow-ups for chronic issues like asthma or allergies. And in the case of a sick or injured child, we are one phone call away for telephone consultation.

By working together over your child’s life, we provide comprehensive care and can evaluate their development and growth, ensure they are receiving the proper immunizations and are up to date, discuss healthy lifestyle choices and discuss how they are doing in school and socially, which are important to a healthy, well-rounded child.

If you need after hours advice, a pediatrician, nurse practitioner or pediatric nurse is available by telephone.