David Gootenberg, MD

I’m so happy for the opportunity to be part of the GRMDC community! I grew up in Washington, DC but have lived in the Boston area since 2007 when I came up for here for college. Since then I have worked as a laboratory technician and a teaching assistant, and most recently completed my MD/PhD at Harvard Medical School.

My research has focused on the microbes that live all around us, and for my PhD I worked at MGH’s AIDS research center at the Ragon Institute looking at how gut bacteria (the “gut microbiome”) are different in adults living with HIV both here in Boston and internationally in Sub-Saharan Africa. I also acted as a Clinical Research Coordinator for the CO-POP (COVID Outpatient Pulse Oximetry Protocol) study in the Emergency Department at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, using my clinical research and statistics training to help improve care for COVID in the community. In my career, I hope to keep working with the bugs all around us, looking at how these microbial communities develop and change in children and how they can affect the medical treatments and medicines we take. Clinically I plan to specialize in either Infectious Diseases or Hematology/Oncology.

I spend a lot of my time with my wife, Larissa, who is a 3rd year resident in Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center and Boston Children’s Hospital and my newborn. I love exploring the Boston and New England area, including hiking, road-trips, trying lots of food, learning about the history, and getting to know all the different neighborhoods and towns around us.